Sonia Desiderio

Complementary Health Therapist


“Nature is a book written in the language of mathematics”. Galileo Galilei.

Sonia has integrated the considerable knowledge gained through study and experience into a Holistic System, using all her tools as required, including the teachings of Numerology, during her travels around the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and Kuwait.

What is a Numerology Reading?

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings; there is music in the spacing of the spheres”. Pythagoras.

A Numerology reading will give you an insight into aspects of yourself that you didn’t previously recognise, as well as confirming those areas of your potential that you need to re-enforce.

If you are seeking a reading it is very likely that you are re-thinking your life in some way, are at a crossroads, or are in crisis. The science and art of Numerology offers a wonderful overview or map of your life path. This includes looking at the work of your Personality (physical, emotional and mental aspects) and most importantly, insight into the deepest, most hidden aspect of human consciousness - the Soul.

Ancient Egypt

The numbers are attained from your date of birth and your name, using various detailed systems. Personal years, months, weeks and days can also be looked at, as well as relationships, career, and karmic influences.

Readings for business clients are also available. This can include naming a business and advice on the most auspicious date to launch a business.

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life”. Buddha.


Sonia has been a practising complementary therapist since 1991. She is a qualified reflexologist and kinesiologist with a degree in Human Nutrition.



London Address:

248 Ashmore Rd
W9 3DD